Hotspotgy donate funds to assist with corrective surgery for baby Renie Rogers

Sunday 31st July 2016

On Friday 23rd May, 2014 the life of 16 month old Renie Rogers changed forever. Her mother Shawnette Rogers recalled “I was cooking in a pressure pot and I thought she was sleeping so I went at the sink and was cleaning salt fish when I heard the whistle on the pressure pot blew off,” the kerosene stove somehow fell on Renie resulting in her suffering first degree burns about her body.  

Renie began the fight of her life since that day, undergoing two (2) corrective surgeries thus far. She is forced to deal with the constant pain that comes with cleaning and dressing some of the wounds which to date have not healed. The emotional trauma this baby suffers is quite evident in her facial expressions as she listens to us discuss that day.

Two years have passed and further corrective surgery is needed to help bring Renie closer to a life of normalcy. The cost of this corrective surgery is $6,300,000 GYD (Six million three hundred thousand dollars). With the Government of Guyana pledging $4,000,000 GYD (Four Million Dollars) leaving her parents in charge of gathering the balance of $2,300,000 GYD (Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars).

Hotspotgy has since donated $100,000 GYD (One Hundred Thousand Dollars) towards helping baby Renie. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers will be having a Bar-B-Que on Saturday 14th August at St. George's Old School association at 24 Durban Street, Lodge at the corner of Victor Street to help raise funds for their daughter.

If you would like to make a donation towards helping baby Renie you can contact Mr. Rol Rogers on 675-0076 and no matter the amount, it will be appreciated.