Rooster's Grill - the only official Grill in the Giftland Mall Food Court

You've been to the Giftland Mall, right? You've definitely watched a movie, maybe wandered in and out of a few stores, and checked out the Food court. But have you tried every restaurant at the Food court? Rooster's Grill is the only official Grill in the Giftland Mall Food Court, and they have developed a loyal following with new converts every day. 

Mrs. Rupa Outar, the owner of Rooster's, previously owned a popular restaurant in North Road, Georgetown, but decided to take the leap when the Mall opened and set up shop there. Since then, Rooster's hasn't looked back. Open from 9 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., you'll often see them open as late as 11, 11:30 p.m. on some evenings to accommodate the late movie crowd and late eaters.

Rooster's believes in clean, fresh and delicious food with careful attention paid to detail and proper service. Their food is made to order and prepackaged food is rarely used. Most of the meats are grilled, and they've created a special in-house green seasoning as well as a signature smoky macaroni & cheese sauce. Their chicken burger actually has a piece of chicken on it and not a pre-packaged, processed meat patty, and all burger buns are toasted right before serving. While Rooster's sticks to the classic items on their menu, some days they decide to switch it up and also offer curry or fish and chips. 

We liked the concept of a signature sauce so much that we decided to do a time lapse video of their Chef, Steffon Ashby preparing the fish and smoky mac & cheese. A self-professed food lover, Steffon has worked in various restaurants for the last 7 years and was more than happy to display his skills.



For Mrs. Outar, who is fondly known by the Hotspotgy Team as "Aunty Rupa", food has always played a prominent part in her life. When she was a child, her family had a tradition - every family member was assigned a dish to prepare on the weekend or on special occasions. Rupa perfected the art of chicken curry and fried rice at a young age, and has fond memories of her undercooked snapper when she was 9 years old being described by her father as "the best meal he ever had". She has continued cooking (and don't worry, she has learned how to fully cook snapper!) for her husband and three children over the years. In fact, it was her family that encouraged her to open her previous location and eventually move to open Rooster's. The family helped to design the logo, choose the name of the restaurant, and determine the menu. Rupa points out that she couldn't have started the business without the support of her family and Rooster's team.


What's the best part of running Rooster's? Aunty Rupa immediately lit up when we asked her that question. She loves interacting with people, chatting with customers, and making them happy. With her dedicated staff, Rupa is usually there all day from opening to closing time, and even confesses that even though Rooster's has been open for months at a location only steps away from the Cinema, she's only had time to see one movie, and that was because her sister and children encouraged her to accompany them.

So what does she suggest you try when you visit? The grilled chicken breast is a favourite with customers, and she also recommends her favourite item, the grilled fish. The Hotspot Team couldn't stop raving about the steak, and we also all loved the smoky macaroni & cheese, which is a popular side dish chosen by UG students. 

These special Menu days are announced on the Facebook page along with the newest meals, so Like them on Facebook and keep track of what they have to offer. More importantly, we highly recommend that you stop in at the Mall and enjoy a great Rooster's meal! Say hi to Aunty Rupa for us, okay?

By Indira Mattai-Chandarpal