The Boardroom


It's always exciting at Hotspotgy Food when we hear that there's a new place to eat. Seriously. We get all dolled up (even the guys!) to check out the newest scene.

The Boardroom, a newly opened Sports Bar on the Entertainment Strip at the Giftland Mall is owned and managed by Ryan Jahurali & Feizal Amin, along with Arti Outar. Ryan & Feizal, two avid Football fans, saw the need for a new Sports Bar in Guyana and decided to take the plunge. With the 2016 Olympics & Basketball finals right around the corner and all of the other great sporting events this year, Ryan & Feizal saw the need for a place that would celebrate all of these events by pairing it with great drinks & creative food. Officially opened in February, the Boardroom plans to make a splash in a big way.

We got a chance to chat with the head Chef at the Boardroom as well, Andre Minto. A Jamaican born chef, Andre started his culinary career washing dishes but eventually expanded his skill set, working in various restaurants in Canada, including in the C.N. Tower. He came to Guyana for a change of pace and a chance to do something different & creative in his career. We have it on good authority that he also has a special place in his heart for Guyanese ladies :)
While the name Boardroom might conjure up images of staff meetings and assignments or even the Apprentice TV show, this new spot is anything but. The outside patio is a lively mix of music, TVs showing sporting events and popular videos, and the hum of casually chatting voices as their drinks are being mixed. If you'd like a bit of privacy, you can step right inside where the lights dim, the music fades to a festive rhythm and you can slide into one of the booths and chat while waiting for your food.
What kind of food, you ask? Andre took the time to explain to us that the menu will constantly change while retaining a mix of dinner & bar food. He has visions of putting his signature twist on popular bar food like fish & chicken, but also totally reinventing the way we look at unassuming ingredients. We were given a glimpse of this after we inhaled deep fried okra bites and fries smothered in a chicken, cheese & gravy sauce. Andre is adamant about not cooking regular frozen food that you can get anywhere else. He got us excited and hungry when he described his plan to mix Jamaican food & spices into the menu, make homemade ice cream, and even spoke of the Boardroom's plans to eventually offer Brunch that may or may not include chocolate covered bacon *waits as you regain consciousness after fainting with excitement*.
The Boardroom Team is certain of one thing - they want to be different. They're very focused on striking the balance between what the general public wants and trying new and unique combinations of foods and flavourings.
The Boardroom wants to offer as much as possible, and we can't say we blame them. Ryan suggests you try their signature Steak & Mashed Potatoes, we suggest you try the fried okra and Andre suggests you try everything. Stay tuned to social media to follow their soon to be set up Facebook & Instagram pages which will keep you regularly updated with the menu additions. The Boadroom is open from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. so swing by and check them out. 
The Boardroom will get you fired (get it? You're fired!) up to visit again and again. Happy eating!