March Kitchen Challenge: Filleting a Fish

on 10 March 2016

Now that we've improved efficiency in our kitchen (January: ) and made time to enjoy time with friends and family (February:   ), we're stepping things up a bit.

This month, we're lucky to have Mikhail Carto helping us out with our March Kitchen Challenge. A second year student at the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America, Mikhail graciously volunteered to show us the correct and professional way to butcher / fillet a fish. He manages to keep the instructions clear, concise, and all of us behind the camera sat mesmerized at how simple he made it look. We also did get slightly distracted at some parts (barking dogs, friends putting on a noisy fan or not silencing their phone), but Mikhail took it like a pro. From all of us at Hotspotgy, we'd like to extend our thanks to Mikhail, Michelle & Adam for an illuminating lesson and a very fun night!

Check out the video below, and get working on your own March Challenge - Fillet your own Fish! If you do it this month, tag us at #hotspotgyfood and #hotspotgy and let us know how yours turned out!


Mikhail also poached the fish for us, which earned him extra Hotspotgy points (which by now we hope you realize that you can earn these points by feeding us). Poaching is a part of a future challenge, so you'll see our lovely meal in upcoming months. After you fillet your own fish, let us know how you went on to prepare it!








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