February Challenge Roundup: Lay your Tables

on 07 March 2016
How was your February? How was your Leap Day? Mash? Valentine's Day? The Deadpool premiere? We need details, people! Maybe you took on our Kitchen Challenge for the Month of February and brushed up on your table setting skills. Maybe you hosted a buffet or BBQ and had a table full of food. It was great seeing all of your pictures this month and going through a few of our older shots. The February Challenge was to choose one day this month and have a great dinner at home. We asked you to practice laying your table, sit with your loved ones and enjoy a meal and the conversation, away from phones and TVs and things that strip away special moments. 
We saw some great pictures in February. We had Nadine who hosted a Wine & Cheese Night - she kept it whimsical and cute - candles in bottles, handwritten descriptions of the cheeses and a fabulous variety of meats. Kay kept it classy and elegant with beautiful table settings and glitter confetti at her Grandmother's Birthday party at Gravity Lounge.
Hotspotgy Food's Cabana Cocktail Team kept it "foreign minded" fancy with an afternoon Tea on Valentines day before we went to see Deadpool.
What we noticed is that the little accents always seem to elevate a very nice table to amazing. Flowers, name / food cards, candles, place mats, and table runners all work beautifully.




Name / Food cards are incredibly simple to put together. There are hundreds of free templates online, so all you need to do is print out, cut, and write the names on so you don't have to keep explaining to people that the pink things in the bowl are pickled onions. Candles look lovely even though I feel that we as a nation can agree that when you think of candles, you think of blackout. We saw flowers brighten up a simple breakfast of toast and eggs, and we saw the addition of a patterned tablecloth to a buffet style layout add a bit of a festive look.
All in all, it was a great month at Hotspotgy Food, we spent many meals together and definitely feel closer. We hope that you guys experienced the same thing with your loved ones and continue this during the year :) If you've been following our Instagram, you'll see that we have a special guest helping us out with our March Kitchen Challenge - Filleting a Fish. Check out our video and Challenge details later this week.

On another note, we'd like to thank all of you who supported our first Hotspotgy Food event - the Charity Cabana Cocktail. Special thanks go out to our sponsors, especially Navin Singh and the entire Gravity Lounge team. The event wouldn't have been a success without you! Stay tuned to our FB and Instagram pages in the upcoming weeks to see our official handing over of items to our selected charity for this event - Hero-GY.

Video: Hotspotgy Cabana Cocktails

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