French Monaco (Beer!) Cocktail

on 15 December 2015
How's your Christmas season so far? Been to any great parties? Finished (or started?) your Christmas shopping? Right now I'm alternating between sweaty grinch or caffeinated crazy girl, ready to see everyone!!! And chat with everyone!!! And
plan our next lime!!! (Clearly, CCG is currently in residence). Neither persona is particularly charming, so I've been trying stick quietly to my corner as best as possible, emerging for the occasional drink. It is the season, you know. On that drink trend, I want to share a recipe I posted on my blog a little while ago. It's a classic French Monaco Cocktail, and sounds way fancier than it actually is. Essentially, it's what you'd call a beer cocktail. It has beer, grenadine, lemonade.
Oh, and ice. Seriously! I feel like this drink is something you can easily memorize and have up your sleeve and whip out at parties or at the bar when you want to impress, or when you want a change that isn't too far from a good old beer.
1 1/2 oz Grenadine Syrup
2 oz. Lemonade
8 oz. Beer (pale lager – I used Heineken but you can use what you prefer)
Ice, for Cocktail Shaker
Add Lemonade & Syrup to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake (not stir!) and strain into a glass. Top with Beer.
Have a wonderful week and make sure to visit us next week for the second feature in our local foodie & amateur chef series!








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