Mango Infused Vodka

on 09 December 2015
Some people collect coins, some people collect stamps. Apart from cookbooks, my husband and I kind of collect different flavoured Absolut Vodka. I do enjoy a good flavoured vodka, and my general anecdote at parties is that if you add Absolut Vanilla to Coke, it tastes like Vanilla Coke, and adding Absolut Raspberri to Coke makes it taste like Cherry Coke. Try making it at the next party you go to. You're welcome. I also have strong feelings about Absolut Peppar  - it is the worst tasting vodka known to man (except for Bloody Mary Belvedere) and I have memories of my mouth involuntarily puckering in Mojo's after tasting it and waving frantically at the bartender for a water. Ah, good times. Ranking almost right behind Peppar is Absolut Mango. Quite disappointing for a gal who loves anything mango.
A few months back, I stumbled upon an article that talked about infusing your own vodka, my mind immediately went to mango. Could it be? Would I finally taste a great mango vodka? Could I realize a dream that I didn't know I had? Just kidding. Life isn't always that serendipitous. I wanted to make it that day and the only fruit I had was cut up mangoes in the fridge. Actually, perhaps that was the serendipitous part. Something to think about over a vodka cocktail. 
Anyway, I thought that infusing your own vodka not only makes you sound way fancier than you actually are, but makes for a really unique and cool gift. You don't even have to use Absolut - any type of vodka will work just fine. But keep in mind - it isn't magic, so if you use Ivanoff, you'll taste Ivanoff. There are also so many variations of infused vodka - you can add practically any ingredient you want and experiment to your heart's content.
I also cannot oversell how easy this recipe is. Put mangoes in a jar, pour vodka over. Store in fridge for about 3-5 days, shaking occasionally. That's literally it. I'm actually copying this sentence to paste in the recipe below.
1L Vodka of choice
The flesh of 3-4 ripe Mangoes, cut into cubes
Put mangoes in a jar, pour vodka over. Store in fridge for about 3-5 days, shaking occasionally (see? I told you I'd copy and paste!). Store in fridge and use within one to two weeks.
Note: Whether you choose to strain the mangoes out of the vodka is up to you. I think it looks cooler and makes for a good party game at the end of the night - "who wants to eat the mango soaked vodka?" 
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