Hotspotgy donates to the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (GSPCA)

When it feels like every day brings more gloom or drama, we are grateful that there is one constant - the uncomplicated, unconditional love of your pet. You've seen the news stories about pets who save their owners , videos of silly pet tricks or simple memes reminding you how powerful the love of a pet is. At Hotspotgy, we collectively have 11 dogs at the moment, not counting the many we've lost to illness over the years. We can personally testify that after a long day of stress, there is nothing quite like seeing the unbridled joy of your pets as they run to greet you. It could also be that they're just looking forward to being fed. We aren't going to think too hard about that. 


With some of the funds raised from our Cabana Cocktail last year, we chose to donate food to the GSPCA to feed the dogs and cats that don't yet have permanent homes. The Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty toward Animals (GSPCA) was formed in 1903. The Society aims to provide low cost health care to pet owners, educating the public on responsible care and treatment of pets, providing shelter to unwanted animals, providing humane euthanasia to injured and sick animals both within and outside the clinic, and advocating for spaying and neutering to control the pet population and reduce instances of unwanted animals being strayed. These services have remained constant since its formation and the GSPCA relies heavily on donations from the public to be able to care for these animals and provide such services. 

The GSPCA currently provides low cost vaccinations, deworming, treatment of minor diseases and illnesses, and investigates cruelty complaints. The GSPCA also provides a safe and loving shelter for these animals with the aim of rehoming these animals and facilitating the adoption process. In addition, the GSPCA offers a low cost quarterly Spay & Neutering Programme for Dogs & Cats. If you would like to spay or neuter your pet, the GSPCA's next programme will be held in March, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for further detail.

The population of animals at the GSPCA varies based on a number of different factors. At the time Hotspotgy visited, we met approximately 13 dogs and 12 cats of different breeds and sizes, all abandoned / strayed for different reasons. Hotspotgy was happy to donate 5 bags of rice, 4 bags of Dog Chow and 8 bags of Cat Chow to assist in feeding and nurturing these animals.

There are also many ways to support the Society. You can: 

- Adopt one of the dogs or cats 

- Become a member of the GSPCA for GYD $1000 per year

- Volunteer to assist the Society when needed (Application forms are available on the GSPCA website -

- Donate rice or dog / cat food for the animals (dry & wet)

- Donate bleach, soap powder and other cleaning products to keep the area clean

- Support activities that further work of the GSPCA

- Condemn and speak out against animal cruelty

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Hotspotgy fulfill promise made to Hero-Gy Charity

On Saturday 4thJune 2016 Hotspotgy fulfilled their promise to Hero-GY Charity, the local arm of the US-Based Hero-USA Charity, which is engaged in the improvement of health and promoting literacy in communities.

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16-month-old baby girl Renie Rogers suffered first degree burns to her right side face and hand after a kerosene stove fell on her at her Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) residents.

Renie has to undergo reconstructive surgery and needed assistance. Hotspotgy donated $100,000 to assist the family.

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