Guyana Premier launched the Miss Earth Guyana beauty pageant 2018

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Miss Earth Guyana is back! On Friday, 26th January 2018 at the Roraima Duke Lodge, the Miss Earth Guyana Organization launched the return of the international beauty pageant, Miss Earth. The organization also revealed the “Beauties For A Cause” official sponsor.

Under the ownership of Guyana Premier and its new National Franchise Director, Mr. Dave Lalltoo, the pageant is expected to see new levels of competition and hopefully mark the initiation of the journey to bring us home a long desired international crown. The others on the committee includes well renowned physician, Dr. Latoya Gooding who will serve as the Assistant National Director, Dr. Omesh Balmacoon, the Managing Executive and Mr. Myron Stephens, the Events Coordinator.

The last Miss Earth Guyana pageant was held in 2010 when Soyini Fraser was crowned as queen but a representative was sent up for the international pageant as recent as 2014. It was local belle, Stacy Ramcharran who took the crown back then, but after the franchise was lost one year later, it was not possible to choose another girl. As such she remains the reigning Miss Earth Guyana; that is until the grand coronation of Miss Earth Guyana 2018.
The Miss Earth Guyana pageant is the local precursor pageant for the international Miss Earth Pageant which is among the top three in the world. It has reached such a point in popularity that over one hundred countries are scheduled to take part this year. One of the main reasons why it has gotten this far is because of the fact that it focuses primarily on raising awareness about the environment and our planet through its "Beauties For A Cause" segment.

The Miss Earth Guyana franchise committee according to its Assistant National Director, Dr. Latoya Gooding, will place great focus on the “Beauties For A Cause” segment. This, she disclosed, will give the contestants the opportunity to choose their own environmental cause but since 95% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors, they will have to find some way of relating the two issues and how active change can be brought about. In a statement made by Dr. Gooding, "this is something that has not been done thus far on the international stage so we are trying to see how strong we can build this idea and possibly take the world stage by storm." She continued by acknowledging and expressing gratitude to Demerara Bakery and their brand DemBake for being the official sponsor for the “Beauties For A Cause” aspect.


Another issue that local pageantry has faced will be addressed by the Miss Earth Guyana 2018 committee. That is, the fact that almost all pageant activities are usually done in or around the capital so those in outlying areas rarely get to take part. However, the Managing Executive for the pageant, Dr. Omesh Balmacoon boldly declared that Miss Earth Guyana 2018 will seek to give everyone in Guyana an equal opportunity as many of the preliminary events will be taken to places such as Bartica, Leguan, Berbice and Linden. These, of course, will all culminate in the final coronation night which will happen in the capital. Dr. Balmacoon also encouraged young women fitting the criteria to apply since unlike other pageants, the fees for registration are not unmanageable. He stressed on the fact that the committee wanted to give every girl an equal opportunity. "Many young women have that passion, they have the talent, ideas and creativity and they are looking for an outlet like this. Why deprive them when we could nurture that?" asked Balmacoon.
Surely, this inclusiveness will give many Guyanese all across the country the chance to get involved and raise awareness, not only about the environment but health related issues that follow.

It does not end there in keeping it all Guyanese. National Franchise Director, Mr. Dave Lalltoo indicated that the committee will be recruiting a creative team of all Guyanese including Guyanese designers, choreographers, trainers, former beauty queens and others to propel the pageant into something the country could be proud of. He indicated that it was his dream to make this 100% Guyanese and refraining from outsourcing talent that was already available here. Collaboration will be done with both governmental and non-governmental organizations and there are no restrictions to local companies wanting to support the young ladies competing.

Concluding, the events coordinator, Mr. Myron Stephens added that excitement could be expected from this pageant and it will not stick to just what usual pageantry is. It will involve a proactive approach to sustainability and a cultural extravaganza. There will be a Guyanese twist to each of the events ranging from costume, talent, swimsuit and evening gown as well as "Beauties For A Cause."

The Miss Earth Guyana Organization is urging young Guyanese women who are between the ages of 18-25 years, unmarried and is 5’6”(167.64cm) to apply via its website The delegates will benefit from sponsored eco-tours across Guyana, environmental seminars and conferences, branding opportunities and many more. Miss Earth Guyana 2018 and her court will benefit from a prize package of over one million dollars in cash and other prizes. The coronation night is scheduled for April 28th, 2018.


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