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We would like to announce the staging of the lucky thirteenth annual Diamond Mineral Water Hockey Festival as the longest running indoor hockey competition in the region.  The festival continues to attract top teams from the Caribbean region and North America and has been a key feature on the Guyana annual calendar of sports events.

As you know, Guyana recently staged a successful Indoor Pan American Cup.  More than one official and participant approached me after its conclusion saying that it was the best one ever.  The ability of the Guyana Hockey Board to successfully stage such a large event is in no small way related to the Diamond Mineral Water Indoor Hockey Festival.  The Pan Am Hockey Federation sent a senior representative down to Guyana as far back as 2006 to observe the festival and it was the quality and sustainability of this event that gave the Pan American Federation confidence in Guyana.  Having run off this international competition for twelve years, we as a Federation gained the confidence to submit a pitch to host the Pan American Indoor.

In addition to welcoming them to join me in this press conference I therefore wish to express my gratitude to our sponsors who have stuck with us and trusted us to deliver year after year, building this event and the profile of hockey in Guyana.  Guyana is now on the regional map for hockey and its name on the tip of the tongues of all those who visited.  We are happy to have our Platinum sponsor, Demerara Distillers Limited, with us today, and who has been with us from the inception of this tournament.  Back in 2004, Diamond Mineral Water took a risk with hockey and that has paid off greatly in terms of the success that this event has become.

Our Gold sponsor Ansa McAl came on board two years after the inaugural festival and have stuck with us since then.  The veteran’s teams from overseas finds the largest participation of foreign teams this year and always features teams who maximize the enjoyment of their visit over a few cold Caribs.

While this year’s edition of the Festival will not match the big numbers of last year nor those expected for 2018, we anticipate receiving some of the top players from the recent Indoor Pan American Cup from men’s champions Trinidad & Tobago.  The Queens Park Hockey Club of Trinidad & Tobago, who were finalists in 2013 and 2016, return for another crack at the gold.  The quality side boasts a few of the national players, including Akim Toussant and Jordan Reynos, who made up part of the successful team that took the Pan Am gold in October right here at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.  Local sides the Pepsi Hikers, Old Fort, GCC and Saints will all fancy their chances in this year’s festival with each having players exposed to the recent Pan Am Indoor.

The Carib veterans division will enjoy the greatest overseas participation this year with three international teams in Queens Park and Malvern from Trinidad and the YMCA of Barbados.  This competition promises to be an exciting one as several teams have made the final and won in previous years.

The women’s competition will be a local affair with the Woodpecker Hikers looking to repeat their upset victory over six time champs Pizza Hut GCC.  The Old Fort Shooting Stars, Saints and Bingo Spartans complete the women’s pool.  Four overseas teams are gracing our shores for this year’s festival from Trinidad and Barbados.  Along with our local teams, the tournament comprises of a total of 16.

FIH and Pan American Hockey Federation Umpire’s Manager, Mr. Roger St Rose will be in attendance this year to observe the competition, talent spot and offer advice to officials.  The tournament returns for the first time in several years to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall with its new surface that is the best we have ever had for indoor hockey.  We are thankful to the Ministry of Sport and our Director of Sport, Mr. Christopher Jones for accommodating us once again in making this fantastic facility available for the festival.

Cash prizes and trophies will once again be awarded to the winners and runners-up in the male and female and veteran categories.  The winning teams in both male and female tournaments will each receive USD$1,000 while the runners-up will cart off US$D500.  The winner of the veteran tournament will receive USD$500 with the second place teams receiving incentive prizes.

We appreciate the tremendous support received throughout the year from our team of sports journalists and we look forward to this usual support and sound coverage going into this year’s festival.  I would like to thank you, members of the media, for coming out today and by doing so, contributing to the development of sport in Guyana.

Thank you.



November 22nd - November 26th 2017 SAINTS   MALVERN
Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown MIXED NUTS   YMCA
Day Date Time Category #    Team VS    Team Result
Wed 22-Nov 5:00 PM W 1 Woodpecker Hikers vs Old Fort Shooting Stars   -  
5:50 PM M 2 Bounty GCC vs Saints   -  
6:40 PM W 3 Pizza Hut GCC vs Bingo Spartans   -  
7:30 PM V 4 Old Old Fort vs GCC Vintage   -  
8:20 PM M 5 Pepsi Hikers vs Old Fort   -  
9:10 PM V 6 Antonio's Hickers vs YMCA   -  
Thu 23-Nov 5:00 PM V 7 GCC Vintage vs Antonio's Hickers   -  
5:50 PM W 8 Old Fort Shooting Stars vs Pizza Hut GCC   -  
6:40 PM M 9 Old Fort vs Saints   -  
7:30 PM V 10 QPCC vs YMCA   -  
8:20 PM M 11 Bounty GCC vs Pepsi Hikers   -  
9:10 PM V 12 YMCA vs Old Old Fort   -  
10:00 PM M 13 QPCC vs Mixed Nuts   -  
Fri 24-Nov 3:00 PM V 14 QPCC vs Malvern   -  
3:50 PM M 15 QPCC vs Saints   -  
4:40 PM M 16 Mixed Nuts vs Bounty GCC   -  
5:30 PM V 17 Malvern vs Old Old Fort   -  
6:20 PM M 18 Pepsi Hikers vs Mixed Nuts   -  
7:10 PM V 19 GCC Vintage vs QPCC   -  
8:00 PM W 20 Pizza Hut GCC vs Woodpecker Hikers   -  
8:50 PM M 21 Bounty GCC vs Old Fort   -  
9:40 PM M 22 QPCC vs Pepsi Hikers   -  
10:30 PM V 23 Antonio's Hickers vs Malvern   -  
Sat 25-Nov 9:00 AM V 24 YMCA vs GCC Vintage   -  
9:50 AM M 25 Saints vs Mixed Nuts   -  
10:40 AM V 26 Old Old Fort vs QPCC   -  
11:30 AM V 27 GCC Vintage vs Malvern   -  
12:20 PM M 28 QPCC vs Old Fort   -  
1:10 PM W 29 Old Fort Shooting Stars vs Bingo Spartans   -  
2:00 PM V 30 QPCC vs Antonio's Hickers   -  
2:50 PM M 31 Pepsi Hikers vs Saints   -  
3:40 PM W 32 Woodpecker Hikers vs Bingo Spartans   -  
4:30 PM M 33 Bounty GCC vs QPCC   -  
5:20 PM V 34 Old Old Fort vs Antonio's Hickers   -  
6:10 PM M 35 Old Fort vs Mixed Nuts   -  
Sun 26-Nov 10:00 AM V 36 Malvern vs YMCA   -  
11:00 AM WOMEN SEMI FINAL 37 1 vs 4   -  
12:00 PM WOMEN SEMI FINAL 38 2 vs 3   -  
1:00 PM VETS SEMI FINAL 39 1 vs 4   -  
2:00 PM VETS SEMI FINAL 40 2 vs 3   -  
3:00 PM MEN SEMI FINAL 41 1 vs 4   -  
4:00 PM MEN SEMI FINAL 42 2 vs 3   -  
5:00 PM VETS FINAL 43 W37 vs W38   -  
6:00 PM WOMEN FINAL 44 W39 vs W40   -  
7:00 PM MEN FINAL 45 W41 vs W42   -  
1: The FIH Indoor Rules will apply along with the FIH Indoor Tournament Regulations.
2: At the end of the Round Robin phase, there will be a final with #1 vs #2. 

3: A 15-minute Grace period will be granted before the awarding of a walkover. For every five (5) minutes late, one (1) goal will be awarded to the opposing team.

4: Points will be awarded as follows: Win - 3 points, Draw - 1 point, Loss - 0 point.



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