Teams ‘Bee’, ‘Holes’ and ‘Mike’ hunt record wins at Hotspotgy Scavenger Hunt

Written by  Thursday, 08 December 2016 00:00

“Hotspotgy Scavenger Hunt – The Christmas Edition” was held on Sunday last with at least 25 teams participating. The scavenger hunt consisted of retrieving items such as any envelope from your postman or garbage collector wishing you a Merry Christmas; a guava (to represent the season afterChristmas) and a Christmas edition Coca-cola glass.

Member from Team BeeTHoles

Some of the tasks that had to be completed included a male team member shaving one leg but if the team was an all-girl team, then that team was required to find a male friend to do so.

In addition, two team members had to make Santa beards out of shaving cream or whipped cream and video themselves performing their best Santa laugh. The fun got even more exiting with the photography segment.

Some of the photos included a picture of someone’s container with marinating garlic pork, a picture of any team member with a snow cone vendor and his cart, and a picture of someone named Rudolph holding up his ID Card.

However, in honour of pepperpot, each team had to click a photo of one team member with a cow. This had to be taken on the day.

The hunt also included location poems. The event was one of the best scavenger hunts in recent times and was indeed fun and exciting and those who participated are eagerly awaiting the next edition.

Hotspotgy would like to thank Windjammer International Cuisine and Comfort-Inn for providing snacks for all the participants, 704 Sports Bar, Banks DIH under their Banks Beer Brand, Pink Memo Boutique, Buddy’s Gym and Buddy’s Mei Tung Restaurant, Ultra Graphixx for all our graphic designs and more importantly, those who participated in the event.

Article Credit: Guyanatimes Online Newspaper

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