Written by  Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

Read the entire story taken from Kaieteur News Online below:

According to the child’s mother, Shawnette Rogers, she was cleaning salt fish when the stove fell and burned the little girl.
“I have a chair in the kitchen that I does normally sit on to make sure Renie don’t come in.”
“I was cooking in a pressure pot and I thought she was sleeping so I went at the sink and was cleaning salt fish when I heard the whistle on the pressure pot blew off,” the mother of two said.
According to the woman, when she turned around, she saw that the kerosene stove had fallen on her daughter and there were flames in her hair.
From all indications, the mother said that her daughter had walked out of the bedroom and climbed into the chair without her knowing.
“It seems like when the whistle blew off, she raise up to see what it was and the stove fell on her,” the woman assumed.
The older Rogers said she immediately rushed her daughter to the hospital where she is still a patient.
“She is doing good, her wounds healing up,” the mother noted.


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